The Ebola outburst in West Africa is so far the deadliest, since the discovery of the disease in 1976. The fatal disease claimed up to 11,315 lives, according to a report released by the World Health Organization. Having seen its disastrous effects, can anyone be held accountable for the disease outbreak? If yes, who is responsible and could the disease epidemic be prevented?

Dr. Cyril Broderick, a Liberian scientist, blames the United States of America for the outbreak. The doctor claims that the disease outbreak occurred weeks after the commencement of an Ebola study project that was allegedly funded by the Department of Defense of the United States of America. According to Dr. Cyril Broderick, the research involved injecting healthy West African locals with the deadly virus.

History of Ebola Experiments

Although the United States has a history of conducting experiments with deadly diseases on human beings, could the doctor’s claims be true? In the 1940’s the U.S scientists conducted an experiment in Guatemala that involved infecting hundreds of its citizens with syphilis and gonorrhea. The experiments were done on the subjects without their permission. This case would be reason enough for West African nations to be skeptical about the United States’ involvement in the Ebola outbreak in their region.

Furthermore, there are allegations that the U.S has been carrying out defensive biological warfare research at laboratories located in Sierra Leone and Liberia, which are coincidentally the two countries that were hit by Ebola outbreak. All these facts seem to be supporting the Liberian Scientist’s claims.

Potential Effects

However, if there are any truths in these allegations, the U.S should consider making strict policies and rules that govern experiments done on humans. The subjects used in the experiments needs to be monitored closely and consequently, the correct procedure of discovering a new drug followed.

The outbreak of Ebola should also act as a lesson to global communities towards performing safe biological experiments and developing safe procedures to be followed in case the experiments fail. Indeed, The Outbreak is a dreadful tragedy that world would never wish to witness again.