Unfortunately, technology doesn’t look back to see who is having trouble on the wheels of change. Cryptocurrency, a digital medium of exchange that can be used exclusively on the internet, is making an undeniable impression on financial investment specialists and tech lovers alike.

Cryptocurrency, bitcoin, blockchain, tokens, mining, cryptocoins…the language alone is enough to leave a person frazzled. Unless of course, you are one of the tech lovers who have been poised and ready for just such an advancement.

On the other side of the digital coin, there are exchanges and trades, front end fees, chargebacks, ROI, realized losses, appreciation, risk tolerance, limit orders and of-course, the ever powerful, spread. You might dream in code and bathe in wave algorithms, but that doesn’t mean you are ready to take on the world of currency trade, even the virtual variety.

So, when two of the most powerful and complex industries, finance and technology, are joined for a common purpose, there are very few people who are readily qualified to understand the full matrix of what cryptocurrency trading is all about.