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Pop Culture & Politics: Sexual Harassment at Marvel Comics?

Pop Culture & Politics: Sexual Harassment at Marvel Comics? By Richard Cox In the latest example of political correctness run amok, Stan Lee, creator of the Spiderman superhero series, has been accused of sexual harassment.  The story has the potential

Major New Study Says GMO Crops Are Safe to Eat

In the heated debate over whether GMO foods pose a risk to human health, the National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine just released an extensive study showing genetically modified foods are in fact safe to eat. The almost 400-page

Guns in America: Inalienable Right or Inalienable Disaster?

Guns in America: Inalienable Right or Inalienable Disaster? Nothing is hotter in American domestic policy than the issue of gun control. In most western, developed nations, guns are illegal and very difficult to obtain. Yet in America, guns are about

Britain’s EU Referendum – What To Know

On Thursday 23 June, the British public will cast their vote on whether to continue to be part of the European Union or to go their separate ways. The discussion around the issue has been heated and the polls are

Bill Clinton’s Role in Election 2016

  As Hillary Clinton looks to be destined to be the Democratic nominee for the US presidential election later this year, questions surrounding her husband’s role are heating up. Is the former president set to take a prominent role in

Latest on Global Warming Regulation

Global warming, a phenomenon that people still do not agree on, is the increase in the earth’s average temperature, especially in the last century. Researches, done by different scientists, show that the earth’s temperatures have risen by 0.65⁰C – 1.06⁰C,

What Started the Global Economic Crisis?

The global financial crisis, also known as the global economic crisis, is the second, worst fiscal crisis the world has ever encountered after the Great Depression, which occurred in the 1930s.  The Great Depression remains nothing more than a myth

Is Poverty Still a Big Problem In Africa?

Africa is a huge congregation of entrepreneurs, political leaders, and analysts.  Although there has been sufficient growth in Africa’s economy over the past few decades, there is a mixed concern about the situation. The drastic reduction in poverty level globally