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Slumping Crypto Currency Prices Causing Jitters Among Investors

It’s been a four-week low for cryptocurrencies as regulatory crackdown looms. Even Bitcoin, the leader of this roost got scathed as its price titter-tottered around the 10k territory from its glorious all-time high of 19k. Right before 17th December when

Crypto…What? A Guide to Understanding BlockChain and Cryptocurrency

Unfortunately, technology doesn’t look back to see who is having trouble on the wheels of change. Cryptocurrency, a digital medium of exchange that can be used exclusively on the internet, is making an undeniable impression on financial investment specialists and

What is the Bank of Korea?

The Bank of Korea is the central bank of South Korea. It was established in 1950 and has a primary responsibility of achieving price stability targets that control of inflation. One of the ways of doing this is keeping in

Bank of Canada: Higher Interest Rates Soon?

Bank of Canada:  Higher Interest Rates Soon? Last month, the Central Bank of Canada (BOC) announced its latest monetary policies and its next targets for the next two years in a statement.  BOC Governor Stephen Poloz delivered a somewhat optimistic

People’s Bank of China: More Stimulus Ahead?

People’s Bank of China: More Stimulus Ahead? People’s Bank of China plays the role of guiding monetary policy for the Chinese economy with the aim of maintaining the stability of yuan and promoting growth. China has maintained an artificially low

Britain’s EU Referendum – What To Know

On Thursday 23 June, the British public will cast their vote on whether to continue to be part of the European Union or to go their separate ways. The discussion around the issue has been heated and the polls are

Why did a Chinese bank buy a vault in London?

China’s ICBC Standard Bank has become the first Chinese lender to own a vault in London. The financial details of the deal remain a mystery, but the deal is expected to boost ICBC’s influence in the trading of precious metals.

What Started the Global Economic Crisis?

The global financial crisis, also known as the global economic crisis, is the second, worst fiscal crisis the world has ever encountered after the Great Depression, which occurred in the 1930s.  The Great Depression remains nothing more than a myth

Is Poverty Still a Big Problem In Africa?

Africa is a huge congregation of entrepreneurs, political leaders, and analysts.  Although there has been sufficient growth in Africa’s economy over the past few decades, there is a mixed concern about the situation. The drastic reduction in poverty level globally