As Hillary Clinton looks to be destined to be the Democratic nominee for the US presidential election later this year, questions surrounding her husband’s role are heating up. Is the former president set to take a prominent role in the campaign?

Bill Clinton is unlikely to have a permanent cabinet position in the event his wife wins the presidency. Nonetheless, in the last few weeks, his role seems to be shaping into an economic advisor, during and after the campaign.

Speaking to voters in Kentucky, Mrs. Clinton said her husband would be “in charge of revitalizing the economy, because, you know, he knows how to do it.” Mr. Clinton has also spoken in similar vein. During a rally in Prestonsburg, he said, “I asked to be given the opportunity…to help coal country and to help other parts of our country that never seem to go along with the ride when the economy comes up.

Using past track-record and experience

Mr. Clinton’s presidency witnessed over 21 million new jobs, with economic growth averaging at 3.8% in real GDP. His eloquence of speaking about the economy during the 2012 election is often considered a boost to Obama’s re-election campaign. Mr. Clinton has always been able to reach out to the blue-collar worker; a hotly contested demographic if the Clinton vs. Trump battle is to go ahead.

Yet, the past is also haunting for the former president. The economic growth of the 1990s also saw extreme poverty increase and the mistakes in his personal life are well reported. Republican nominee-to-be, Donald Trump, has already attacked against these mixed policy records.

So far, Mr. Clinton has been campaigning extensively and it’s unlikely his role will drop, if Mrs. Clinton is to fight in the general election.